Pakistan Scheduled Caste Alliance formed

MIRPUR KHAS: Repre­sentatives of 40 scheduled-caste Hindu communities have formed a new alliance to fight against “discrimination and excesses” by upper-caste Hindus, who, they say, are usurping resources of over 95 per cent of low-caste Hindus despite being only five per cent of the total.

The representatives including lawyers, engineers and activists of several civil society organisations announced the formation of the alliance namely the Pakistan Scheduled Caste Alliance at a convention held here the other day and made advocate Sarvan Kumar Bheel its convener and Comrade Neem Das Kolhi co-organiser.

The leaders resolved to lead the struggle for the rights of the “oppressed” Hindu communities and argued that scheduled caste formed 95pc of Hindus in the country but they had been oppressed by five per cent of Lohana Panchayat people.

In Sindh, the upper-caste Hindus were usurping funds and other resources meant for the entire Hindu community in connivance with the Sindh government, they alleged. They regretted that because of this injustice with the poor scheduled-caste people, their children remained deprived of their rights. The scheduled-caste communities had been deprived of their rights for 70 years due to lack of representation, they said.

They said that the “oppressors” were well-known among the masses. But the scheduled-caste people had now gathered on this platform to secure their rights and get rid of the usurpation of the five per cent coterie, who ruled over 95pc of low-caste Hindus.

They urged all scheduled-caste communities to get united on this platform for securing their rights and fight back against unabated oppression. They must have faith in their leaders and strengthen the new alliance so that their children could get their rights in future.

They said that organisations of this platform would soon be launched on the district level across the province and hoped that this platform would now become a forceful voice against oppression and for the rights of the

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