Live with Aakash Ansari: Asks youth to take benefits of technology revolution

Noted Sindhi poet Aakash Ansari has asked the youth not to waste their time surfing social media websites but instead learn new skills on the Internet to compete in the international market.

In an online webinar, organized by a group of social activists on live software Zoom on Friday evening, which was attended by writers, poets, and social activists from across the country and abroad, the poet Aakash Ansari said that technology has brought rapid changes in economic and political systems.

“A new era of ‘digital dictatorship’ is emerging due to penetration of technology in all spheres of life,” he commented in his talks adding that youth should take benefits from this revolution.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown all over the world, when industries and markets were closed down, the digital economy has grown. E-commerce is flourishing and youth from Sindh should take advantage to claim their share of this new mode of trading. The coming days will be an era of Artificial Intelligence, he remarked.

Ansari said the feudal class has destroyed the economy of Sindh and there is a need to minimize their influence in politics. He asked the youth to come forward to bring changes to society. He recited his poetry on the occasion.

Noted author and political commentator Jami Chandio appreciated the literary contribution of the poet Aakash Ansari and said that he has created a new trend in Sindhi poetry, which is a mixture of revolutionary literature and romantic feelings.

Aakash’s poetry influenced youth and political workers, especially during the MRD movement when he gave songs of resistance and a new era of revolution.

Participants from Canada, USA, Hungary, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Cuba, Germany, UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia attended the live video programme, which was conducted by Ramesh Raja and Manzoor Ujjan.

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