Typhoid Vaccination in Karachi

My daughter said that she and her school friends have decided not to receive the new Typhoid vaccination in the school because according to them in some schools in Karachi, children fainted after receiving vaccines.

Although I have tried to convince her NOT to refuse, she seems reluctant. I have also assured her that I would accompany her to the school on Monday (the day they have fixed for vaccination) as the school management has asked the parents to come to witness the vaccination process in the morning time.

I miserably fail to understand why such propaganda is spread whenever such positive things start happening in our society.

One can recall that some vested interest people had spread rumours against the use of Iodine salt many years ago and of course, the propaganda against Polio vaccination is still going on in our society as Pakistan is the only country (except for some African countries) left in the world with such high rates of Polio cases.

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